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Mittwoch, 7. März 2007

Indonesia berduka lagi

Jakarta (German Press Agency) - with an airplane fire on the Indonesian island Java died on Wednesday 23 humans. 117 that altogether 140 passengers and crew members could save themselves in dramatic minutes from the burning machine. Some of them with heavy fire wounds into hospitals were brought. “From 140 humans 23 died in the deadly accident”, said transportation Minister Hatta Radjasa before reporters in Yokyakarta approximately 400 kilometers southeast the capital Jakarta. The government arranged an investigation of the causes of accident.
According to data of the Foreign Office in Berlin were no German passengers on board. Boeing 737-400 of the national airline Garuda was briefly guessed/advised before the landing in difficulty in Yogyakarta after an in-hour inland flight. It schlitterte with burning tires and close smoke clouds in the cab beyond the runway and continued to come 300 meters in a rice field to a halt. The crew tore the emergency exits within short time up, and humans jumped out of the burning wreck in the free. The machine burned out completely. Investigators found the black box after information of the BBC in the evening, on which the technical data and voices from the cockpit are noted. The material should be evaluated in the USA or Australia. “Us no realizations are present that it concerned, said sabotage or a terrorist attack” the Australian minister of foreign affairs Alexander Downer. Several coworkers and journalist, who had accompanied it to a conference of anti-terror to Jakarta, were on board the misfortune machine. At least one Australian died. An Indonesian government spokesman had before brought the possibility of sabotage in the play, because survivors had on board reported of an explosion. “I hope, it give no speculations, until the investigation team is finished”, said a transportation Minister.
The survivors reported of dramatic minutes on board briefly before the landing. “We had all the feeling that it would come with the landing to an accident”, said the Italian Südostasienkorrespondent Alessandro Bertellotti. “The airplane was much too fast, it was clear that it could not brake.” The Australian lady journalist Cynthia Banham suffered even heavy fire wounds. “People on fire”, said its colleague Mark of Forbes, which had taken an earlier machine after Yogyakarta, saw you being. “Before the landing the machine began too wackeln. The cab full smoke was sudden”, reported passenger serves Syamsudin the Radiosender Elshinta. “There were three loud explosions, before the machine landed, reported” another. “The airplane was immediately on fire.” The fire is the third airplane misfortune in Indonesia since beginning of the year. In the middle of February was apart broken a machine of the cheap flier Adam air on the airport of Surabaya after a hard landing. The pilot made responsible for it drop hoist. The 148 passengers got off the fright. The authorities extracted the license from the airline. At the New Year's Day in bad weather Adam had fallen an air machine with 102 humans on board into the sea before Sulawesi. The wreck was located only days later.