"Rahasia Kasih"

You're it, showed me how beautiful life can be when I had given up hope. You're it, I live how I am. You are to me the closeness and security. You're there, I always daily energy. Thank you from my heart! or here ... I thank you for the wonderful hours ... I thank you for your openness ... I thank you for your confidence ... I thank Gov. .. I just thank you for everything! YOU are something very special in my life! I am glad that I've Register .. I Love You.....

Dienstag, 13. Februar 2007

Valentine' Day

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With 14 February, each something can probably connect for the Valentistag. Although became never so quite clear, which the holy Valentin with the fallen in love ones had to do! He was bishop von Terni in Italy and in Rome around 269 was executed. Nevertheless it should be advocates of the engaged ones and the authority for a good marriage, in addition, the protection patron of the Epileptiker: Valentin = “case nitA beautiful Valentine's Day wishes you