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You're it, showed me how beautiful life can be when I had given up hope. You're it, I live how I am. You are to me the closeness and security. You're there, I always daily energy. Thank you from my heart! or here ... I thank you for the wonderful hours ... I thank you for your openness ... I thank you for your confidence ... I thank Gov. .. I just thank you for everything! YOU are something very special in my life! I am glad that I've Register .. I Love You.....

Sonntag, 1. März 2009

Today is our 6th Wedding Anniversary

~ Peter And Vivie ~

Who loves to live. You keep me alive!

Love is the most delicious dish:
Let's eat together!

You are my sunshine, you're my moon, I
wish day and night for you.

My heart is no longer just for me
should read: I love you.

Your love is like salt in the soup,
the spice of my life.

You are my greatest treasure,
for another is not the place.

You are my beautiful star, I thee
not just like: I love you!

Love is addictive, I'm depending on you.

I love thee not, in order to be loved,
but is shared love of the greatest treasure on earth.

Love is the most beautiful dress.

The love the freedom to leave
is better than just to hate jealousy.

Who hinterherjagt the love, it will never
achieve, who is waiting to start love.

It is the love of the world together.

Whenever we see
I must confess to you,
you're the only one / the only one for me:
I love you.

My love for you is so great and far as infinity.

Lonely class for zweisam Days: Love!


7 Kommentare:

Am/um Montag, März 02, 2009 , Blogger Yulian meinte...

Happy 6th Anniversary yah Vie :)
Semoga awet, rukun, mesra n langgeng terus yaaa

Am/um Montag, März 02, 2009 , Blogger Veny meinte...

Selamat yah buat pernikahan kamu yg udah 6 tahun . semoga tetep langgeng selamanya .

Am/um Montag, März 02, 2009 , Anonymous Anonym meinte...

Happy Anniversary Vie...moga tambah mesra aja sampe nenek kakek :)

-Yanti Wyant-

Am/um Dienstag, März 03, 2009 , Blogger Susy Masengi-Saunders meinte...

Happy 6th Anniversary Vie...
God Bless you & family

Am/um Samstag, März 07, 2009 , Anonymous nia meinte...

ci vie, happy 6th wedding anniversary yach...
gbu n famz yach...

Am/um Montag, März 09, 2009 , Blogger cika meinte...

happy 6th wedding anniversary ya vie :)
rukun terus, tambah mesra, jadi teladan buat pasangan2 laen..
undang2 ntar pas wedding anniv yang ke 60 ya ;)

sorry baru mampir lagi

Am/um Mittwoch, April 29, 2009 , Blogger Fida Abbott meinte...

Happy Belated Anniversary.

Sorry telat ngucapinnya. Maklum udah lama nggak berkunjung kemari. Sibuk luar biasa.
Lebih baik terlambat daripada tidak ya.

Have nice spring!!


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