"Rahasia Kasih"

You're it, showed me how beautiful life can be when I had given up hope. You're it, I live how I am. You are to me the closeness and security. You're there, I always daily energy. Thank you from my heart! or here ... I thank you for the wonderful hours ... I thank you for your openness ... I thank you for your confidence ... I thank Gov. .. I just thank you for everything! YOU are something very special in my life! I am glad that I've Register .. I Love You.....

Sonntag, 9. März 2008

ngerjain Tag

Sebelum telat ngerjainnya dan takut di marahin ibu guru Febry mamanya Ruben, Ochin, Jorell ama Jovan Tag yang di lempar aku posting sekarang.

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sapa yee..yang mau gw timpuk (sape yg mau di timpuk vie..yg bener aja loe?) hmm.....gw timpuk temen-temen gw yang ada di jauh dech Tatie, Dwi, mbak Ninda ama mbak Tia dech....selamat mengerjakan.

The times we shared is like shooting star... the time is short but really beautiful moments.... Forever engraved in our hearts.... Friends forever.


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